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Jewelry Safes, Vaults and Security Products

TL30: Access Security manufactures safes that are suitable for use by Jewelry Stores for the secure storage of their high-value merchandise. TRTL30-X6: Example of a Jewelry Safe used for the protection of inventory.

There is nothing more valuable than peace of mind when it comes to securing your precious assets.  That’s why leading jewelry retailers around the world invest in security products and services from

We understand your unique needs and you will see that reflected in every product we manufacture and supply.  One of our security consultants will work with you to make sure that the products you invest in are the ones that will best meet your needs.  We also offer 24-hour emergency technical support and our security products are backed by the longest warranty in the industry.  Check out our line of security products and discover why is quickly earning a worldwide reputation for leading edge security solutions for the jewelry trade.

Within the security products industry, our knowledge and understanding of the jewelry trade is second to none:

  • active member of several jewelry trade associations
  • liaise regularly with the insurance industry affiliated with the jewelry trade
  • regularly participate in jewelry trade shows
  • meet UL-certification requirements
  • work with clients from mining industry to retail sector.