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Vault Door

Access Complete Range of Classic Vault Doors


Access Classic Vault Doors are made of highest-quality proprietary materials necessary to pass UL’s most severe tests at Class 1, 2 & 3 levels.

Other standard features include a full-length locking bar, insuring total top-to-bottom contact with the door’s locking jamb, two concealed UL listed combination locks plus a daytime safety detent lock securing the door in open position.  A built-in micro-switch is designed to activate an alarm if door is not fully engaged when closing and locking, while an emergency ventilator is concealed in the door. 

Stainless Steel Finish

All exposed metal surfaces are finished in a gleaming stainless steel including the massive full length locking bar, door edges and jamb area creating a totally maintenance free door.

Wide Clear Opening

The large 36" clear opening and flat sill allow convenient access for people and carts.

Deluxe Day Gates

Features complete stainless steel framework with dark tempered glass.

Locking System

Includes 2-4 wheel Group 1, UL Listed combination locks.


Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed 3 movement time locks are concealed behind the flush panel on the back of each door.

Vault Ventilator

The emergency ventilator is built into the door.

Day Guard Lock

When activated, a daytime safety detent lock secures the locking bar in an open position and is designed to prevent locking personnel inside the vault under holdup conditions.

Emergency Release

Allows unhindered exit from the vault in case of locked-in condition.


  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Clear Opening W 36" 36" 36"
H 78" 78" 78"
Overall Thickness 9 1/16" 10 1/2" 12 1/2"
Swing Radius R 41 7/8" 41 7/8" 41 7/8"
Weight 2910 lbs 3456 lbs 4340 lbs
  • Swing: 180° right or left as required
  • Floor level: Flat sill with full 36" clear opening