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Heavy Duty Depositories

Available in a variety of sizes, the Heavy Duty Depository safe offers the ultimate hold-up protection for the safeguarding of cash.  Deposits are made through the heavily baffled front-load type drop for secure storage until authorized removal can be made.  Ideal for gas stations, retail and convenience stores, schools, restaurants and delivery services.  The Access Security heavy duty depositories are perfect for anywhere a secure non-returnable deposit is required.

Built with durability in mind.


  • Class B Insurance rating with ½” thick steel door and ¼” thick steel body
  • Front load feature allows deposits to be made while the safe is locked
  • UL-listed electronic lock-standard
  • Self-locking
  • Predrilled anchor holes


B3016-MB Heavy Duty Depository

Heavy Duty Depository

B3924-MB Heavy Duty Depository

Heavy Duty Depository

B6024-MB Heavy Duty Depository

Heavy Duty Depository


Model # Interior
Dimensions (in.)
Dimensions (in.)
Capacity Weight
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth Ft3 lb.
B3016E-MB 29.5 15.5 16 30 16 19 4.3 255
B3924E-MB 38.5 23.5 21 39 24 24 11.0 450
B6024E-MB 59.5 23.5 21 60 24 25 17.0 665

All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.



Heavy Duty Depositories B3924E-MB
Heavy Duty Depositories B6024E-MB