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Standard Vault

Access Complete Range of UL Class M, 1 & 2

  • Standard Modular Vault Systems (Bolted or Welded)
  • State-of-the-art design, modular construction and superior security.

Modular Flexibility

Access Vault Panels are sized to meet specific job requirements.  Our modular system allows for creative solutions in terms of the vault’s shape and size to fit into almost any architectural design and is the ideal solution for retrofit applications.  


Bolted system eliminates any welding on site, saves installation time and can be dismantled without compromising security.


Standard in industry.

Availability and Warranty

Access Standard vault panels are available for installation by our international network of factory authorized and qualified service associates and covered by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.  24-Hour pricing, quick RFP/RFQ turn-around makes Access Canada’s premium supplier of modular vault solutions




UL Class Panels
Thickness lbs / sq foot Performance Test
inches mm
Class M 3" 76.2 42 withstands a 15 minute forced entry attack performance test
Class 1 3 1/2" 88.9 50 withstands a 30 minute forced entry attack performance test
Class 2 6" 152.4 82 withstands a 60 minute forced entry attack performance test
Standard Vault